What I Learnt Today (clear)

Today a team member was asking for recommendations on cli tools as they were setting up a new development machine. Obviously as a developer I decided to give my opinions (facts) on the what they should install. One of my recommendations was tldr which is a nice community man pages tool. It’s sole job is to show abbreviated man pages for other cli tools, with the most common usage examples.

So what have I learnt? Well it’s all to do with the clear command, which as the name suggests clears the terminal giving you a nice blank screen again. Well I must type this out 20-30 times a day and not really though much of it. However after the suggestion to a colleague I miss typed in the terminal and was presented with the tldr of the clear command. Well there’s a keyboard shortcut, which is ctl+l and that’s what I’ve learnt. It’s not much, but it saves me typing clear multiple times and I didn’t know it before hand.

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