Created Another Hugo Theme

So I’ve gone ahead and created another Hugo theme, it reached the point where I couldn’t override the smigle theme to be what I wanted. So I’ve forked it and made the changes I wanted, it’s now even more stripped down. The front end is not my thing.

January Workspace Update

Wanted to start the new year with an update on my current workspace. It’s getting there, there is still plenty to do. This is the first update so it will be a little longer than the future editions. So I’ll also go over the plan and some construction work done.

SMRRF 2023

On the 2nd of December I attended my first RepRap Festival, it was hosted in Oxford and was organized by the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation. I didn’t know what to expect and went with an open mind.


Considering the changes that I wanted to make to my website theme, I forked it and started making changes. I should have just read the readme file and saved some time. This seems like a lesson learned, the problem is I keep learning this lesson.

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