Night Sky Pi February 2024 Update

Progress has been slow on the project front, because well as always life gets in the way. I’ve not had much motivation to work on them when I’ve had the little free time that I’ve had. But there has been some movement but sadly not as much as I would have liked, but that’s my problem. So here is an update.

So the project has restarted and I feel that I’ve made some good progress. It’s capturing images and then modifying the exposure accordingly. It’s also capturing the images from sunset to sunrise, which is ok for the time being, I’d like to fine-tune this so that I’m able to select different phases of night, as the images just after sunset and before sunrise don’t provide me with much. It might be better to start capturing when it’s after twilight or true night. There is no processing taking place or uploading to any other system, but this is a start.

Some obvious improvements can be made to the night sky pi, which I will continue to work on this month, which is the actual processing of the data packages and sending them out of the system, as well as better exposure calculations. But currently, it’s working fine and progress is going smoothly. The latest code can be found on Codeberg

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