Loughton Astronomical Society

I don’t get out much. Most of my hobbies and interests are usually considered a solitary adventure. One of my interests is Astronomy, which is obvious considering the Night Sky Pi. I can’t remember what I was searching of at the time, however through the wonders of Google I came across the website for the Loughton Astronomical Society. Loughton is rather close to me, however still a frustrating drive. On further investigation, they were based in Theydon Bois, the name is a legacy from the societies origins. Theydon Bois is closer, and an easier journey, door to door usually 25 minutes.

The same week that I stumbled across them, they were having a open public night, so I took myself along. Everyone there so far seem really nice and friendly, and there is a wide spectrum of knowledge from people which makes for a great learning and growth opportunity. The amazing thing about the society is that they meet weekly, I wasn’t expecting this, though it ensures that I have something to look forward to everything and that I have some sort of social life.

So every week they don’t just meet up and have a random chat, they have a well populated programme of events. Most of these involve guess subject matter expert speakers coming to the hall to give a talk. I’ve been going for a few weeks now, and they have been rather good talks making me look forward to more.

So with all that being said, my next visit to the society I’ll be filling in the paper work to become a member. I look forward to hearing more talks, and hope to learn from all of those at the society.

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