Workspace February 2024 Update

There has been some progress on the workspace. I’ve decided instead of having racks of computers, which are mostly Raspberry Pis I’m going to mount them on an IKEA Skadis board. The initial idea for the IKEA Skadis board was to have them on the brick wall, just for storing tools and other hardware. However it’s so versatile, I’m going to install some on the partition wall behind my chair. This way I can just look and see the Raspberry Pis working away and come up with some sort of information panel as well, but that’s another project.

First I had to come up with a way to install the Raspberry Pis on the Skadis board. This didn’t take much effort as the case that I use for my Raspberry Pis already comes with a holder. It was just a process of creating a remix to add hooks that are compatible with Skadis so that I’m able to mount it on the Skadis board. The remix for the PoE holder with support for Skadis can be found on my Printables. As I don’t have the actual Skadis boards yet, I’ve also had to print some Skadis boards to make sure everything fits together nicely.

I’m thinking of getting the black Skadis board from IKEA. The thinking behind this is that all the walls in my workspace are white, and this would create a nice contrast. Then with the black boards, I’ll be printing the Raspberry Pi cases with orange because I think that looks cool. Then once I start placing them up on the board in anger, I might be able to use nice bold colours to quickly show their roles within my network. But I like the combo of black and orange to begin with.

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